New Year, New Blog

If you’re reading this, I must have got something working.

I’ve been meaning to redesign my website for a while now, and over recent years have read a number of articles about writing more and owning your content.

2022 is the year for me to start.

I purchased this domain way back in 2014 - whilst at university - and for the most part just hosted a few hand-built HTML & CSS pages that formed a basic portfolio and was happy with it at the time.

More recently I’ve explored various static-site generators such as Pelican & Jekyll. I even toyed around for a while with a combination of pandoc, bash and a makefile. None of that was published.

At the start of this year, I was inspired. I read through the Hugo documentation, and thought I should give it another try.

I spent a few days working on it; getting to grips with the templating language, editing the layout, and meticulously tweaking the CSS properties until I had something I was pleased with.

It was now January 13th.

I was now wondering how I could best deploy the website. Would I deploy it with github-pages? Would I transfer the file contents to a webserver? Then I found a wonderful article about deploying with Netlify.

Wow, that was a breeze.

A few more commits later and here we are - watch this space!

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